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3. 865 notes. 5M ratings YoosungxMC: Trust (where Yoosung looks through MC’s phone and finds some unwanted texts from a guy) #mysmes #mystic messenger #mystic messenger hc #mystic messenger head canons #mystic messenger rfa #mystic messenger v #mystic messenger saeran #ohhh dear lord #too early for a masterlist??? #i was hoping to get a few more requests before i made one #buuut #i couldn't wait i guess? Mystic Messenger Reactions List ! REQUEST RULES ! No longer taking requests. Zen. RFA+V+Saeran+Rika MC needs caffeine . Just because it’s getting a bit of a big thing for me now, here’s a masterlist of the stuff which I’ve done for the Mystic Messenger vampire AU I’ve been working on~ It will be progressively updated, and I may add things other people have done at a later point too~ Fics: Mystic messenger headcanons — Rfa+ V who have MC who wears sexy stuffs bec she's Author’s note: last updated 04/05/17 ENJOY!! Headcanons Yoosung Yoosung breaking up with MC (angsty angst angst) FLUFFY YOOSUNG HCS!!! Random angst :) Yoosung as a best friend MC takes care of hungover Yoosung Yoosung at a theme park Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat RFA boys + MC on her period The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their Hi! Can I request RFA with a mute MC? I’ve never met a mute person so I had to do some research. 5M ratings Mystic Messenger Smut fiction I write MM fanfiction, mostly smutty in nature and featuring 707 or Unknown. There Masterlist || Ao3 and ff. 1. Seven x MC: A Choice to be Happy mystic messenger mystic messenger imagine Mystic Messenger SMUT - V x MC A/N: Short love story I made for V. Yoosung: He’s a college student Bills are expensive To save money I Nah man, I feel. I have a masterlist but the link broke and i dont feel like fixing it so i just removed it haha. TALL MC . RFA watching John Carpenter’s “The Thing” RFA playing Dead by Daylight RFA and their favorite horror movies. Male! Mc’s parents reacting badly and violently when introduced to RFA lover. MC Afraid Of The Dark. This is going to be from least to most recent. Matchups: CLOSED Rules Masterlist Newly formatted to be mobile friendly~ For pieces that are posted from other blogs + just everything in general, check out my writing tag, and sen pens! for drabbles (masterlist at bottom) >Info about Upcoming Letter Events< Mystic Messenger . RFA+V+Saeran imagines. RFA with no memory of a one night stand (gender neutral) RFA + Mint eye: most to least successful slasher. MC On her Period RFA+V&Saeran. Little does Jumin know V is hiding in another room, waiting to take Elizabeth after they leave. Please send me requests!! Mystic Messenger Fics & Head-cannons Zen x MC (smut): Stroll in the Park Zen So I’ll kind of just make a long list of gif reactions/scenarios. # mystic messenger # mm # mysme # mystic messenger masterlist # masterlist # jaehee kang # jumin han # yoosung kim # zen # hyun ryu # 707 # saeyoung choi # saeran choi # luciel choi # unknown # rfa # jihyun kim # v # vanderwood # mystic messenger memes # mystic messenger garbage # mystic messenger headcannon # mystic messenger headcanons RFA+V & Unknown reacting to a mc that’s really short-like 5ft tall. These are the events that we have prepared for March! Don’t miss out on the perfect chance to delve deeper into the world of Mystic Messenger! We hope that you will enjoy a great month with Mystic Messenger by your side! Best, Cheritz Mystic Messenger | MASTERLIST JAEHEE KANGIMAGINES • The (Y/N) Effect SAEYOUNG CHOIIMAGINES • The Message • Cuddling Is The Answer HEADCANONS • Saeyoung Choi as a Boyfriend YOOSUNG KIMIMAGINES • New || Masterlist || I finally got around to making one! Sorry about having a link to it and not an actual post for it, haha but here it is! (Will be edited as I continue to post) Individual Imagines• Masterlist! Admin MP Admin Destin Admin Rina About the Admins Zen Yoosung Jaehee Jumin Seven V Saeran MM as parents NSFW Poly Ships MC being in School Different Body Types MC (Chubby, Tall, Short, Mystic Messenger Imagines! Master List. ) My goal is drawing her style more calm and bit masculine than MC1. tumblr. MC gets into an accident after a bad argument with Jumin; MC sings Latata for Jumin at the RFA party Dec 06, 2016 · Vines i used: Christian delgrosso Curtis lepore Lele pons Ruby mancuso Marlon webb King bach My both tumblr: babymilliam. Since Mystic Messenger: -One Shots: • All I imagined: V/Jihyun Kim x Reader (Too much fluff) • Becoming a Cat A Compilation of Nonsense — Nova’s Masterlist 1. RFA take MC to the movies 4. RFA Wedding Headcanons. please and thank you! Answer: Hooo boy. MC coming out as ace to the RFA + Saeran. RFA with a mute MC. Also, two people asked this lmao so I’m just going to do the RFA+V and Saeran for this one. Mystic Messenger GIF Scenarios. I just created this blog for fun, and I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself too! • Drabbles Mystic Messenger HC(Request are close) Here is Special Agent 606 . Not too much to know about me, really. MC’s Dad is in Prison RFA+V&Saeran. 9). I have tried to learning. Headcanons: RFA + Minor Trio w/ party animal MC. 15. Mc's Mom: *Getting pale* Mc: He is a nice guy mom. In the meantime, search character tags or #mystic messenger on my blog. Parent RFA (+Saeran) MC being a neko. The plan is in motion! MC prepares for Jumin to arrive home, she pretends to be surprised to see him and convinces him to take a light night out to the winery. Mc: Well, long story short demons are real, hell exists, heaven also mystic messenger jihyun kim saeyoung choi jaehee kang requests admin jiyeonniee vanderwood jumin han zen hyun ryu kim yoosung yoosung Mystic messenger v mystic messenger headcanons 209 notes Jun 16th, 2017 Zen: Royal Mystic Messenger #2. First! Sorry about my english. Saeran and Vanderwood with a deaf MC. Hello, nice to meet you. NSFW content. Updated: 8/12/17 #mystic messenger #mm #mysmes #mystic messenger headcanon #mystic messenger headcanons #mystic messenger #mysme #mm #hyun ryu #zen ryu #yoosung kim #jaehee kang #jumin han #707 #luciel choi #saeyoung choi #saeran choi #jihyun kim #rika #mary vanderwood 3rd #mm zen #mm yoosung #mm jaehee #mm jumin #mm 707 #mm saeyoung #mm unknown #mm saeran #mm v #mm rika #mystic messenger masterlist #mysme masterlist #mm masterlist #mysme Fandom: Mystic Messenger Admin: Flam NSFW?: Yeye Pairing: MC x Jumin Han. She gets the RFA involved, his dad, her family. July 01 2017, 4:29:21 pm · 2 years ago. Jumin. MC Getting Cheated On RFA. I’ve had this request in mind (might be NSFWish) and I hope it doesn’t come off as weird but: rfa + saeran & v reacting to mc with quite big breasts wearing a low cut top when they meet her for the first time " V had been hanging out with Jumin all day, and MC was feeling pretty frisky; MC wanted to spice things up, so she decided to try a pickup line “I may not be a photographer, but I can picture us together tonight” He didn’t really get it… “Uh, MC, we live together…” MC was stumped, but then she remembered a really good one Mystic Messenger Imagines (on hiatus) Oh look, another Mystic messenger blog. Fighting w/MC and unknowingly reminding her of her abusive parents. RFA + waking up in the morning RFA + getting hyped RFA as moms RFA + cooking RFA + driving RFA + MC sick with the flu RFA + MC making the worst pun in the world RFA + serenading MC RFA + accidentally breaking something of MC's RFA + trying MC admits that she did do some singing on the street for a while to earn a little bit of extra cash; He asks if she intends to do any auditions for a more professional role; MC replies that she doesn’t want to have to deal with the stress that comes with being a celebrity dead mystic messenger account. A small warning my babies; this blog contains 92% angst and 8% of other genres. RFA with anorexic MC (you) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dead By Femalepenguini's Masterlist ending v fanfic zen fanfiction zen hyun ryu jihyun kim mc mystic messenger reader insert v x mc v x repost but tumblr killed off she’d feel bad that mc has to go through that and while she thinks there’s not much she can do, she’ll offer to have mc stay at her apartment so things can be less stressful even though she won’t be able to offer much company bc of how much she works; Jumin: probably tries to sue the ex in order to get half of his pay check to go to mc Day 01 | ART @saeranchoiweek. plus my old writing is cringey as fuckkk Jumin x MC proposing to him to renew their vows. Please be aware of the date most of these were posted lol I promise I’ve improved since then!!! MC relapses into SH after a bad argument - Jumin. Suicidal MC. Jumin Han Falling in Love with MC at C&R International MC Calming Him Down Jumin + Platonic!MC How Jumin Hides That He’s In Love Jumin in Attack on Titan (Cross-over) Jumin + Neurosurgeon!MC Being Spoiled by MC Working Out with MC Masterlist. But, I'm in high school (but a smol child), I have a horse and two cats (names are Mija, Kitty Kinz, and Cheeto, respectively), I love animals, my favorite characters in MM are Saeyoung and Saeran (but I hold a special place in my heart for Elly~), I love chocolate and sweets in general. net) (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) • [Two-shot] Eighteen Hours (Part 01) (Part 02 Masterlist (very short, don’t expect much) Author’s note: Please reblog, do not repost!-a constant work in progress-— Mystic Messenger. Longer Stories. Your breath caught—you knew this man. Drugs use and little to none vulgar. You checked me out. . Mythical Messenger - RFA+ Minor trio as mythical creatures. Also this (Tall MC) Mc’s cat dies . Why Luciel/707/Saeyoung Choi is my main bias in Mystic Messenger (My thoughts on the Character) Reblogs Appreciated masterlist mlqc lucien mlqc victor mlqc kiro mlqc gavin love and producer mr love victor mr love kiro mr love gavin mr love lucien mr love queen's choice mystic messenger mysmes mysme mm saeran saeran choi luciel choi 707 my writing #masterlist #my writing #i decided to finally get my shit together LOL #there we go!! #mystic messenger #mystic messenger imagines #mystic messenger spoilers #mystic messenger scenarios #mystic messenger headcanons #me when I manage to link this shit in my bio: hackerman™ #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer #bnha #free #my hero academia #kimetsu mystic messenger Headcanon headcanons mystic messenger headcanon jealous headcanon master list jumin jaehee zen yoosung v saeyoung saeran Vanderwood rika rfa au mtl imagine 1,120 notes fairiesoshi reblogged this from mysticmessheadcanons Masterlist *** Mystic Messenger Headcanon RFA: RFA Reacting to their experience with staff MC at McDonald’s RFA reacting to MC who owns and drives a sports car in a life-threatening kind of way RFA Oct 29, 2017 · Masterlist HEADCANONS • RFA reacts to a clumsy MC • RFA reacts to a tiny MC • RFA reacts to a chubby MC • What the RFA members are like when drunk • RFA+ V+Saeran react to MC dying after giving birth #mystic messenger #mystic messenger imagines #mystic messenger headcannons #zen #jumin #707 #yoosung #V #Saeran #i couldn't post this yesterday;; #bc i had no wifi Hello, I was wondering if you could so the RFA + Saerans reaction to small male mc having body dysmorphic Disorder and even tried to take their own life because of it? Teacher 707 x MC - Lucky Meeting. 2 Mystic Messenger Masterlist. Yoosung: He’s always been one of the shorter people in his friend circle and the RFA, so he loves it! Besides, your height was an adorable asset to him; Loves to pick you up and spin you around New campers arrived and and one of them was MC, a daughter of Ares Despite being a child of a war god, she had a lithe body and a face worth being claimed by Aphrodite Zen’s heart sped up a bit when he saw her, admiring her looks and her shy demeanor, totally unlike her brute siblings Big Breasted MC Gurl I wish I could relate, but I’m as flat as a chest board, dreaming about having big, bouncy boobies. (spoilers ahead, read content warnings ⚠) saeyoung choi 707 mystic messenger queue request i started writing this on my phone in the bus but tumblr was a butt and didn't save the draft so i had to rewrite it;;; Hello!! I love your writing so far, and i’m excited for what you’ll post in the future! Mystic Messenger Vampire AU masterlist. they’d started experimenting with for Mystic Messenger) THE III MC - DAY 6. Masterlist. ” Saeyoung & Saeran (Self-harm, self deprecation, suicidal behavior ) Scenarios. Jumin Han is not a subtle man. MC with overwhelming Mom RFA+V&Saeran. RFA: what type of slayer would they be. 707 x MC - Joys of Being With You . As a 5ft person myself, this request will be very accurate. i rarely post and when i do, it sometimes isnt about mystic messenger and is about anime n stuff. Not 100% spoiler free!! Requests: closed. or to avoid you getting trashed with porn, lololol ^^;; You were excited. The night arrives, Jaehee lets MC know that Jumin is on his way home. he seems a bit too familiar, though… master list all that dirt in one place ns/fw text some sfw goodness too masterlist mr love queen's choice samurai love ballad party ikemen sengoku ikemen revolution ikemen vampire mystic messenger shall we date obey me #s: thomas sanders #mc #zen #jumin #jaehee #seven #yoosung #male!mc #mystic messenger #mystic messager #mysme #mm #incorrect quotes #incorrect mystic messenger quotes #mystic messenger mc #mysme mc #mm mc #hyun ryu #jumin han #jaehee kang #707 #luciel choi #saeyoung choi #yoosung kim - Saeyoung Week - @saeyoungweek- ⮡ day 1 - family Don’t forget to hit that notification bell! I love the theme of adoptive families. 707 x MC - Reporting My Information? RFA+Saeran & V x MC - Please Don’t Hurt Me Aug 27, 2019 · Forget Me Not - Saeran x MC/Reader Flower Shop AU: Chapter Masterlist mystic messenger imagines headcanons mystic messenger fandom masterlist. You’re one of the most respected knights in King Han’s kingdom until a horrible incident leaves you with a missing eye, a dead best friend, and a curse on your body that grants you tremendous power while driving you steadily insane. SAEYOUNG: —Stories/Imagnines— Elly the 4th - Jumin asks the reader to cat sit, and Saeyoung takes it upon himself to make sure it doesn’t happen again (fluff) Reader helps Saeyoung debug a code (fluff) —Headcanons— General relationship headcanons; JUMIN: —Stories/Imagines:— I write for all voltage games and Mystic Messenger. How the RFA + V + Saeran react when they realise that MC was someone from their past that they made a loss of virginity pact with (which they fulfilled) before she met them again Last updated – 3. 156 notes - 10 March 2018. RFA + Minor Trio go racing! RFA + Minor Trio w/ unladylike MC. MC taking off her bra without taking off her shirt. RFA (+V & Saeran) x Amusement Park. RFA with a blind MC. MM YOI and KS Mystic Messenger Masterlist Rules and Guidelines for Requests About the Author MC-Squad Mystic Messenger i could like it! Lol im crying I can see this lol #wattpad #random MORE FUCKING MEMES. MC Falling Asleep Easily. RFA Masked Heroine MC; RFA reacting to MC getting lost coming home Sep 19, 2018 · Sarah. RFA + Minor Trio w/ MC who is going blind. and WELCOME Everytime i look my Tumblr and see people read my comic. my masterlist. MC2′s fashion. ” – mc to jumin ☆ “i regret all we’ve ever been through. Male! Mc worried the RFA won’t love him. Mc bangs their head against the wardrobe like from Jul 09, 2017 · New and Improved Masterlist!!! Hello frens, I have made an actual masterlist you can refer to whenever you’re looking for certain fics of mine! Fics will be listed as either a regularly long fic or a mini fic, as well as potential trigger warnings. Somebody mistaking MC as pregnant. He came up to you and hugged you from behind while you were cooking. HC. Singing MC RFA Zen • didn’t know you could sing until he heard you in the shower one day, quietly singing one of your favourites • at first he thought the tv was on in the background but then he A/N: i know Jumin is described as being very professional and stoic, but i just love the idea of him being really soft and relaxed around mc (i know this is kinda canon, but i want m o r e) so yeah here are some hcs of him being a soft cutie~ Needy Jumin: i can really imagine him being needy for affection mystic messenger masterlist feel free to add on with your own requests - just make sure they fit my guidelines!! headcanons/reactions• RFA+minor trio+rika with an mc who bites their nails really Welcome to my Masterlist, where you can find all of my works! *** Check bottom of page for rules on requests! <3 Mystic Messenger Headcanons. Comforting MC after abusive ex harasses her #thank god im done #chisa's hardwork #100/100 #mystic messenger #mystic messenger imagines #masterlist #dead #good job chisa #proud reiko senpai bnha-kny-imagines liked this You Must Be Happy, My First and Last Love Mystic Messenger has taken over my life and fucked up my sleep schedule. com mystic-memes. Sequel: Teacher 707 x MC - A Date? 707 x MC - Lucky or Not? RFA+V x MC - If You Love Me, Let Me Go . Mysme vines was made by me babymilliam. Irreplaceable ; Hold this Cheer Close to your Heart, MC- This Dream will Never End, We Promise (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚ Masterlist -CHARACTERS- Saeran (aka Baeran): • [Multi-chapter] Believe Again (AO3) (ff. They walk in on naked MC. ” – jaehee to mc ☆ “they were right when they said i shouldn’t trust you. Hope ye enjoy lovelies :** YOOSUNG • He’s so happy to be taller than someone • It makes him feel very masculine • He likes to tease you because he is always getting teased for Jul 05, 2017 · MC can’t have children (is infertile) [fem MC] MC does tarot/astrology for a living [gender-neutral MC] MC has a psychiatric support cat for anxiety [gender-neutral MC] How the RFA confesses their love to MC [gender-neutral MC] MC comes out as gay [male MC] MC is a tattoo artist [gender-neutral MC] MC is a serious stress-baker [gender-neutral MC] from the story Mystic Messenger Memes Pt. RFA+V write a letter to MC 2. RFA and V and dogs 6. Masterlist Donate. Just another Ikemen Sengoku fanblog. Proceed at your own risk! Below you can find a list of my compiled drabbles, ask requests, headcanons, fanfiction series, ficlets, and other ramblings for the mobile otome game Mystic Messenger. Weird Stuff You and Yoosung Probably Do. Love: Queen’s Choice・Mystic Messenger・Seduced In The Sleepless City・Be My Princess MC (short for main character, can be also referred as Protagonist or Heroine) is the main female protagonist of Mystic Messenger. Costume referenced here. RFA. MC with Acne. Mystic Messenger HCs — MASTERLIST. MC giving them a hand-picked bouquet . Saeyoung: Royal Mystic Messenger #4. I take requests. They’re all kind of the same to me :P. MASTERLIST HEADCANONS: • RFA Teaching MC How To Drive • Drunk RFA Confession • Drunk Confession Aftermath // V + Saeran Version • RFA+Saeran Breakup • The Choi’s Birthday • RFA++ MC Withholding Sex • Mystic Messenger | Headcanon and Blurb Master List ***This is the old masterlist - Updated Masterlist here. Masterlist “ Reactions/headcanons: RFA + V & Saeran to a fangirl MC RFA + Minor Trio to an MC who takes naps in cold water RFA reacts to a nervous/easily flustered MC who’s never been in a Mystic Messenger Writing — Masterlist This is a complete Masterlist of all of our headcanon/scenario posts. MC and they have a baby. mystic messenger masterlist < > headcanons mystic messenger mystic messenger imagines luciel x mc luciel choi mm saeran FOR REPOSTING TUMBLR PROBLEMS MASTERLIST. Yoosung x MC - Rika’s Exposure . Saeran Choi/Ray/Unknown: Sleepless Nights (Ray × MC)-Valentine’s Day 2018 Tabihyun — MM Masterlist. Masterlist [part 2] Headcanons: RFA + Saeran + V reacting to Vampire!MC RFA + Saeran + V taking MC on a picnic RFA + Saeran + V comforting Dancer!MC who messed up on stage RFA + Saeran + V as MC’s Anonymous asked: "Dear GodMikalla. I know you guys were into the squirting last My Hero Academia Masterlist All Fanfictions are Gender neutral unless otherwise stated![[MORE]]Sero Hanta > Love is the best medicine (Sick!reader) > By your side (Chubby!reader) > College Blues > Sep 11, 2017 · Rika x MC/Reader. Created by TumblrTop10 (Source: jetblackcode. you hate to admit it, but you NEED to meet somebody new— you’re tired of your friends and their tiny dicks (except iwa!). You got hammered and Jaehee has to deal with you . Masterlist RFA w/MC who can sing RFA(+V&Unknown) w/MC coming home drunk RFA helping MC with hw/studying RFA(+V&Unknown) playing horror games w/MC RFA w/Kpop dancer MC RFA w/MC who is scared of mystic messenger masterlist < > does jumin han is gay mystic messenger jihyun mystic messenger masterlist mystic messenger jumin x mc jumin han daddy Masterlist! It’s finally here, my masterlist! I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to write up but I’m so excited to share it with you all now! A huge thank you to @random-fangirl-rambling who Mystic Messenger Master List Headcanons: RFA: RFA handwriting head canons RFA reacting to MC being a famous YouTuber RFA reacting to finding out MC will be competing in the next Olympics RFA and MC Masterlist As of 2/19/17. Aug 07, 2019 · Mystic Messenger. I hope you give me the opportunity to prove my self worthy of your attention. Jumin: Royal Mystic Messenger #3. Mc with unsupportive parents . ⭐️ ((someone put a star in my inbox and i answered it and accidentally deleted it when i wanted to edit it :(( )) fun fact part 2: i have a movement disorder called duane’s syndrome in my left eye. com) If you cannot see the full text, view on a browser. Photograph MC. Rules / Machups (close) /Master list. MC Getting Cheated On Part 2. RFA roadtrip 5. Main is TheGlowQueen. com and i won’t unfortunately make mysme edits anymore :c thank you all for supporting us and liking our edits! mystic messenger mysme mm 707 mystic messenger 707 zen mystic messenger jaehee kang jumin han yoosung does jumin han is gay juminzen yooseven vines funny video ⭞䨻⃟䨻䨻Ꞌꞌ ᰻ᥴꪯᬭຮ𖡋 Mystic Messenger; Seven྅ܓ. ⸝⸝ ᘜ ꜜdon’t ꧏ꧖ƿꪮ᥉ᡶ ! ᭡᳝᭫ And just like that I’ve remembered that my sexuality is, in fact, Saeyoung Choi Anonymous asked: Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to a tomboy MC who also happens to love SOME cute things and dgaf about her supposed image/reputation? Like, her definition of cute is pretty broad, but some of it falls under the common perception of 'cute'. MC Doing Reckless Things To Deal With Depression RFA dead mystic messenger account. By no means I pretend to be a professionnal writer (as a matter of fact, English isn’t even my native language). 20:52 207 notes 207 notes. 2020 Having issues with links. Updated regularly Headcanons/Scenarios: Masterlist [PART 1] Masterlist [PART 2] Masterlist [PART 3] RFA Texts: RFA + Saeran: MC fun fact: the 2nd time i tried ice skating i broke my ankle real bad and then i had to wear a cast for 3 months and now im too afraid to ice skate lol mystic messenger mysme Yoosung Kim zen mystic messenger hyun ryu jaehee kang jumin han mystic messenger 707 saeyoung choi luciel choi v mystic messenger jihyun kim saeran choi mystic messenger Masterlist Yoosung Being Forced To Watch Musicals Being Ignored Whilst MC Binge Watches A TV Show A Surprise Visit MC’s Ex Flirting With Them Bring Up the Idea of Kids Finding Out MC Has Cancer MC Mystic Messenger HC(Request are close) Here is Special Agent 606 . ” – to jumin Hahaha this comment was so cute I just had to continue writing, so here it is! For chapter 4, scroll down or use this link!. RFA with Single Mother MC. Mc with an abusive teacher. MC knows this and she also knows that Jumin can appreciate her being unsubtle about her love for him. MtL MYSTIC MESSENGER FANFICS: - nothing yet, sorry! - JUMIN: edging ♡ ZEN: locked up [yandere!zen] zen as a boyfriend ☆♡ chubby!mc. I hope this is okay Yoosung sweetie, he was so lost when he met MC in person he thought they was Part 3 - Again with the spoilers, and deviating from the course in Mystic Messenger and onto the track of saving Saeran Part 4 - MC Gets a call from Seven Part 5 - MC gets some clarity and a chance to tell someone what she thinks of them…. Here are all the hard works that I created to please you all. Jun 18, 2018 · Jaf’s Writing Masterlist Mystic Messenger. For those who don’t know what this is about, The Valiant and the Wary is a fanfic I started writing last year about an MC who is a very careful, albeit introverted, agent (the Wary), and Seven, the righteous hacker (defender of justice, the Valiant), who is sent to MM YOI and KS Mystic Messenger Masterlist Rules and Guidelines for Requests About the Author MC-Squad. MC w/stress seizures . net. YOOSUNG: psych!mc attending college with him ☆ 707: eating out mc ♡ “just got laid” ♧ JAEHEE: - nothing yet, sorry! - SAERAN: nightmare about mc . Curvy MC. Mc's Mom: But Mc? Satan?? That's really bad… Satan: Well, at least I'm not Lucifer. ᘜ ˓˓˿꒰ ᧙ꪶ꩝к꧖ or ꧏ꧖ᨢꪶꪯᧁ if you ຮꪋ᥎꧖. MC Getting Shot and Just Being Chill About It RFA. To read my fanfics: Masterlist Also interested in: Ikemen Vampire・Ikemen Genjiden・Mr. (First one, Second one)※ Do not repost it on Instagram or Facebook or any other platform. Trying to fix but it will take time. This is a Mystic Messenger blog scenario/HC. Masterlist (very short, don’t expect much) Author’s note: Please reblog, do not repost!-a constant work in progress-— Mystic Messenger. RFA reacting to MC posting suicidal things but being fine morning RFA reacts to a tiny MC. Link here (x) to Masterlist Tab on my blog for most updated version. I just saw there a lot of people interested my blog. Uh la la, this Jumin and Seven reacting to MC coming home wasted. by Celestial-Red (♫ Celestial-Red ♫) with reads. RFA + Minor Trio react to MC being hit by a car, but is okay I can not explain how much i miss Tumblr! miss Mystic Messenger! and Miss my comic Even MM event came, i couldn’t participate (T T) Damn…. I’ll update it after every three posts ~H x. 707 x MC - Reporting My Information? RFA+Saeran & V x MC - Please Don’t Hurt Me 2,012 notes. RFA with Soldier MC returning from war. thankfully, there’s a tiktok matchmaker form ready to give you a cockbig-19 boy. potential V route spoilers, but fewer as the path diverges (Day 3) Part 6 - Ray and MC make up. Matchups: CLOSED Rules Masterlist MC really good at baking. mewstriker: Tacos’s are just sad sandwiches imagines kim yoosung x mc choi saeyoung x mc mystic messenger x mc mystic Masterlist~ Headcanons MC getting into a accident after an argument MC being a huge pervert defending MC’s honor after she gets groped in public Finding our MC self harms How they celebrate Christmas Mc who has abandonment issues b/c of their father . 142 notes - 15 February 2018. MC pushed into the pool by bullies. MC steals their hoodie. Zen x MC (smut): Stroll in the Park. Tumblr mobile doesn’t carry over indented bullet point lists, so instead everything looks like it’s part of one list. Post Masterlist. I finally started this week (I’ve waited for a long time) Each drawing of this week shows a scene of Saeran’s life after the “Secret Ending” in my point of view and the witty story that I have been recreating in my head for him… masterlist Just a simple masterlist of posts to keep things organised! • helping mc study (rfa) • short mc (rfa) • short mc part 2 (v + saeran) • mc with a fainting problem (rfa) • mc with a fainting Mystic Messenger Imagines (on hiatus) Oh look, another Mystic messenger blog. i lost a nerve in my eye when i was born, which makes it so that i can’t move my left eye outwards towards my ear (abduction), but it moves normally towards my nose (adduction). ” MC & Saeyoung & Saeran “Shhh You’re safe. Valentine’s Day special: Zen and MC going on a date (NSFW)-ish; MC provoking Saeyoung when he has been ignoring her (NSFW) MC telling Zen she doesn Mystic Messenger HCs and Imagines Just a fan-run blog with MM headcanons, imagines, and so on! Requests are currently closed! Profile picture used is by the daily mushroom and background image used belongs to Cheritz. 9 of Mystic Messenger. MC In The Army. Mythical Messenger - Jumin’s route; Jumin and Unknown misunderstanding that MC is cheating on them. Please send me requests!! Mystic Messenger Fics & Head-cannons. It was the first time Jumin had invited you to accompany him to a party like this. 1,104 notes. plus my old writing is cringey as fuckkk (っ˘ڡ˘ς) We, the Mystic Messenger Discord Server, want to give some of that love back with our very own Valentine’s ask event! σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡ Our own little Cupid ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭ will be delivering your Valentine’s questions or cards to the characters on the 14th, and you’ll get an answer back! Masterlist My purpose as your savior is to quench you need for angst, fluff, and the amazing sin. Zen x MC (fluff): Christmas wish. Zen x MC (angst): I guess we are done. Saeran Choi/Ray/Unknown: Sleepless Nights (Ray × MC)-Valentine’s Day 2018 Jun 14, 2019 · Anime Masterpost List includes: Boku no hero academia, demon slayer, haikyuu, magi, mystic messenger, naruto, noragami, Warnings: This contains yandere works with behaviours and themes that can be triggering or uncomfortable to read. mystic messenger mysme masterlist headcanon chibinekochan writing fanfiction. Cute Stuff You And V Do. MC Addicted To Coffee. After accidentally getting involved with the RFA, she takes on the job of former member and founder Rika to organize a party and invite guests. Hey, guys! I’ve decided to make a masterlist so that you can find all my headcanons and fanfics if you want to and to see what’s already been requested. 1. MC proposing to them RFA+V&Saeran. My name’s Allen and I decided to make a Mystic Messenger blog to share my writing. ( 18. MC preparing a traditional dish. Prompts Open Drabble Guidelines. ” – mc to seven ☆ “i’m sorry, but mc didn’t survive the accident. I put May 11, 2020 · summary: MC (you!!!!) gets transported to the mystic messenger world!!! (lowkey a sequel to this fic but like only lowkey) _____ “…MC?” His familiar voice was quiet, ringing with disbelief as he stood before you, body stiff and eyes wide behind his glasses. 707/Jumin/MC - A Party for Three (NSFW) Jumin - Welcome Home, Master (NSFW) Drabbles Jan 24, 2017 · RFA + Saeran seeing MC in their hoodie the morning after sex? I'm working on these at work so hopefully, I’ll get a few things done. But if not, can you make one of the rfa (and maybe v & saeran if you want) reacting to hearing mc, who was in the military, dead Jan 22, 2017 · Masterlist Imagines/ HC: How Jumin Han would react if MC was a minor Zen finds out MC is a cocktail waitress Going to a library with RFA members RFA+Saeran reaction to a pansexual MC Zen and MC Masterlist . V: Royal Mystic Messenger #6. ALL/MANY: favourite headcanons [rfa] ☆ the beach [rfa Crystal Messenger - Mystic Messenger Fantasy AU. RFA + Saeran & Vanderwood w/ MC who isn’t good at Korean. HC’s & Imagines • RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini • RFA + Saeran’s reactions to MC being Masterlist HC’s & Imagines • RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini • RFA + Saeran’s reactions to MC being a extremely grumpy morning person • RFA react to MC listening and singing to angsty “quit lying to me. Note: RFA = The main five, Minor Trio = V, Saeran, Vanderwood, Minor Four = V, Saeran, Vanderwood, Ray Note: TW = Trigger Warning. Will update it regularly :D “If you like my work, please support me by ♡ Masterlist ♡ Rules. Kpop Idol MC. I won’t let you go. Yoosung, Zen, V and Ray with a super affectionate MC Masterlist The RFA meeting huggable and chubby!MC The RFA april fools headcanons The RFA with a MC who has a big butt (NSFW) The RFA with a MC who likes to touch their butt The RFA reacting to MC Mystic messenger headcanons — Masterlist MasterList Finally It is here…. *Seasonal intro chats will be available for download from v. Yoosung, Seven and Saeran with pregnant MC. so basically Jumin and Saeyoung react to MC losing an earing. So she decides to make this a big deal. Fiction Dump. MC Being A Guy. Mar 27, 2017 · 3,552 notes | #mystic messenger #mysme #mystic messenger imagine #mystic messenger headcanon #saeyoung choi #seven zero seven #jumin han #yoosung kim #jaehee kang #zen #hyun ryu #jihyun kim #saeran choi #long post #masterlist #mc who looks like elizabeth / vanderwood bursts into tears juminssi. choi x reader saeyoung x reader jumin x reader jumin han x reader mystic messenger x reader obey me shall we date obey me x mc obey Mc has a miscarriage Note: Okay, so I ended last year with fluff so let’s start this one with angst. After Dark (NSFW) Requests. Mystic Messenger Headcanons. Headcanons. RFA & Cuddles. love queen's choice Mr love queens choice mr love gavin mlqc mlqc gavin mlqc kiro mr love queen's choice mystic messenger my works Masterlist I deleted the old master list so here’s a re-post of all completed fics and head cannons ~ [[MORE]]The Arcana HCs: Apprentice Bonding w/ Main 6 Familiars Apprentice Playing w/ Main 6′s Tagged: zen mystic messenger zen mysme zen x mc mysme 707 707 x mc mystic messenger 707 707 mm 707 707mc mysme mystic messenger to fluff or not to fluff that is the question angst mysme unknown mysme yoosung mysme jumin mysme v mysme fanfic vanderwood mysme mysme angst Teacher 707 x MC - Lucky Meeting. MASTERLIST Last Updated 20/5/17“Ive never done one of these before, so please tell me if one of these isn’t working, and if you have any tips on making masterlists better please message Account Closed 2017 — MASTERLIST V and male MC 19 July 2017 at 6:55pm with 422 notes #mystic messenger #masterlist #mystic messenger headcanons #mystic messenger imagines #mystic messenger scenarios Masterlist UPDATED 10/7/18 REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I write for all voltage games and Mystic Messenger. During the process, she will be able to romance with one of the seven main characters of the game throughout the eleven ~ Come down for a cup of coffee and some Mystic Messenger writing ~ Requests: open || Masterlist cafe-rfa not a request update it's been like 8 days since we reached 100 followers so i'm amazed thanks to everyone! i'm trying to work on some larger requests rn angst specifically so it'll take some time until then i'll be filling things with Anonymous said: Hi, can I request rfa + Saeran x MC scenarios where they have public sex and MC ends up squirting. i know you’re seeing someone else. Writing Masterlist! Hellooo~~ So I created a masterlist, so it’ll be easier to navigate around here since I reblog posts a lot. Anyway, this is a quite short one just because there isn’t much to say. Clingy Yoosung, Seven, V and Saeran. 09. 02 Modified. Love: Queen’s Choice・Mystic Messenger・Seduced In The Sleepless City・Be My ♡ Masterlist ♡ ♡ I try my best to leave the reader’s gender ambiguous, but sometimes it slips by me anyway! TT I’m sorry! Feel free to point it out when it happens! ♡ The trope and whether or not haigidal:. RFA on Anesthesia 3. Yoosung: Honestly he probably feels like he did something wrong when they’re a bit more distant from him and not in the “you’re just saying that because you don’t like me” way but more in the “i don’t know what I did, but if I hurt your feelings in any way or upset you at all please let me know because I want to make things better” kind of way . Please continue to read below the cut, I added this in to avoid potential spoilers and. Chubby+Older MC - Male RFA and Minor Trio *NSFW* Witch!MC - RFA Reactions ® Vacation Domestic Life - Jumin x MC ® RFA. MC collects pastel-goth lingerie — Mystic Messenger Masterlist. com Requests are closed | Masterlist. 14. *** HeadcanonsRFA+Minor Trio • MC Surprises Them with an Amusement Park Trip • MC Good at Mystic Messenger Masterlist All fanfictions are gender neutral unless otherwise stated![[MORE]]707/ Saeyoung > Cosplay couple? Feb 15, 2018 · MC x V “I saw that. Yoosung. funny, yoosung, seven. Jumin x MC (fluff, angst, good ending tho): Depression & Eating Disorder Theme: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 mystic messengfer mysme 707 707 x mc v mysme V mysme saeran saeran choi Masterlist mr. mm jaehee jaehee route jaehee kang jaehee x 707 jaehee x zen jaehee x saeyoung jaehee x reader jaehee x mc my edit mystic messenger masterlist summary: being in quarantine has got you bored and out of your mind. Mc's Mom: *ready to faint* Mc: Well, long story short demons are real, hell exists, heaven also exists and then there was this war but anyways, Lucifer is kinda Satan's dad but we don't talk about that. Under the cut. Saeran: Royal Mystic Messenger #5. V x MC “Can I be selfish just for once?” “When I thought something bad might happen to you, I-I…” MC gets hurt pretty badly protecting V from Rika; Jumin x MC . Jaehee. Saeyoung (coming soon) Misc Headcanons. MC bottling everything up and snapping. I hc that MC kisses Jumin in public to shut him up so he doesn’t recklessly spend money and although Jumin doesn’t fall for it… 10). Aka the family you found vs the family you were born into. MC who constantly dyes their hair. mystic messenger mc masterlist tumblr

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